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Bespoke Engineered Foam

We supply a wide range of foams, available in various densities, this foam can also come in a wide range of colours, such as yellow with a black surface, to help see when tools have been removed.

Our bespoke engineered foam is truly unique. Whether you need a single foam pad or 5,000, we ar able to cater for your needs. We can create our bespoke engineered foam to suit any case, any size. This can be from pre prepared drawings or we can create the drawings ourself, from the units that need housing. This service ranges from the very simple one foam pad for one tool, to much more complicated designs.

We have a dedicated department to design, using CAD software to design a foam insert, to fit a case or supplied loose.

We will send a drawing of the design to the customer to be approved before manufacture.

If you have an item that needs the ultimate protection, then our bespoke engineered foam is the ultimate answer.

Please contact us for more information on this service.

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